Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Razer Destructor

Razer Destructor
Expert Hard Gaming Mouse Mat
Razer has been around for quite a while now and most people probably know them for their quality gaming peripherals.
In this edition of Gang Gamer Grean: Razer Review Thailand, we are going to be reviewing the Razer Destructor, designed in cooperation with professional gamers and according to the firm it provides 25% better tracking for gaming-grade optical mice and 37% better tracking for gaming-grade laser mice than other gaming-mousing surfaces. 
- Good tracking
- Smooth textured surface
- Nonslip base
- Comes with a carrying case
- Expensive
Destructor Review
So you just brought yourself a whole new gaming rig, a keyboard, a mouse and a headphone, you installed those onto your computer and try them with the latest games you own, but you still lack the accuracy and tracking. You find yourself on the losing side too often, then you gazed upon your mouse and that piece of cloth that you use your mouse to move upon, known simply as a crappy mouse pad, and then you realized that was that something you overlooked. Have no fear the Razer Destructor is here!

The Razer Destructor comes in a stylish black carrying case. The case features the Razer logo in the middle of the front side. Inside the case, there is padding all over the case portion. The bottom side features a cut out that fits the mat and the mat only, a perfect fit. Soft fabric is used to cover the whole entire interior which helps protect the Destructor.

First thing you will notice about the Razer Destructor is that it isn’t the typical boring rectangular shape as seen in many of the mouse pad. The size of the Destructor is a bit oversized, I must say, around 35cm by 30cm, but this does give very sensational long-distanced mouse sweeps. The Razer logo can be seen on the top right corner while the Destructor logo can be seen on the bottom left corner.

The rough rubber coating on the bottom of the mat provides grip for anti-slip. The mat is partially flexible but won’t be bending easily. For a hard mat, the Destructor is quite very thin. Rubbing my hand on the surface, feels like a fine sandpaper, the mat colour is actually dark gray, despite the surface is not smooth but all mice tested on the Destructor feels like they’re levitating.

Although the Razer Destructor come with a huge price tag, but you are not just buying the mat, you are buying the Razer quality.
First Hour Hand-on Review
2nd minute: Didn't realize that was a case, nice
9th minute: Overwhelm by the size of the actual mouse mat, would this fit on my desk?
17th minute: Trying to shift the Destructor to test its grip, very impressive, it will take a forceful intentional one hand shove to move the moues mat off location
28th minute: Some Counter Strike action! Headshot! Headshot! Headshot! - something I haven't experienced before
59th minute Money well spent!
Technical Specifications
- Razer Fractal surface for high-precision gameplay
- Optimized for both optical and laser gaming-grade mice
- Non-slip rubber base for firm grip on smooth surfaces
- Includes a premium lightweight protective case
- Ultra-wide size ideal for continuous, rapid swipes: 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height)
Unboxing Video
Ratings (out of 10)
Build Quality - Nice sleek quality finish
Ease of Use - Users may now realize that their table are too small to accommodate the Destructor or is it the other way round?
Performance - Smooth as silk
Value - A huge price tag!
Overall - Extraordinary
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